Responsibility grows with size

Sustainability at the Schwarz Group

  • CSR-Brochure 2019

  • Sustainability Report 2018/2019

  • Brief Overview Sustainability Report 2018/2019

  • Commitment of Science Based Targets

  • Global Commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • UN Global Compact Letter of Commitment

  • UNGC Communication on Progress (COP)

  • Business Partners’ Code of Conduct

  • Human Rights Policy Statement

“We assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily activities.”

Our corporate principle on sustainability

The Schwarz Group’s first sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview of the economic, ecological and social issues that affect us and that are being jointly addressed by the Schwarz Group’s divisions and national companies. We report on our sustainability management, the goals we have set ourselves, past milestones and future challenges – just “Plain Talk”.

Sustainability Report – Schwarz Group