Our Sustainability Report.
Talking plainly. Acting sustainably.

Companies that act sustainably also take social responsibility for maintaining an intact environment – as Schwarz Group, we know that. Trust is at the heart of everything we do. We create this trust through transparency towards our customers, employees and other stakeholders, and by acting accordingly we become credible. Because being clear means being honest: Honest with ourselves. Honest with others. Honest with the environment.

Corporate Profile

We are one of the leading retail companies in the world. We cover large parts of the value chain in the food retail sector, ranging from food production and retail trade to recycling. This allows us to exert influence on sustainable development, which we are actively developing further – and we also make use of our varied business models as significant leverage in that area.

Sustainability at Schwarz

Successful, socially and environmentally conscious development requires teamwork and a shared understanding of where the journey is headed. Building on the solid foundation of its divisions’ long-standing commitment to sustainability, the Schwarz Group has therefore set out on the path to a group-wide sustainability strategy – based on its shared commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

UN Global Compact

As a globally active enterprise, the Schwarz Group is aware of its special responsibility for sustainable development. We want to declare our clear commitment to sustainable corporate management to the public as well, and we have committed ourselves to acting accordingly in our day-to-day business.

For this reason, the Schwarz Group acceded to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative in early 2020, and thus declared its commitment to the observance and promotion of the UNGC’s ten principles. In the past the Schwarz Group had already made a substantial effort in this area and implemented a number of measures toward supporting those principles. Since our accession, we have continued to drive forward our commitment in this area in recent months.

Through our actions we are making an active contribution to a future worth living for people.

Life quality

Whether as a responsible employer or a reliable partner for society, the actions of the Schwarz Group affect the life quality of numerous people in a wide variety of ways. We provide our roughly 450,000 employees with …

Product quality

Providing safe, high-quality products is a top priority for the Schwarz Group. The selection and composition of the food we provide as a retail company ultimately impact the health and well-being of our customers …

We work to provide a product assortment that is healthy and sustainable.

We think and act in cycles.

Circulatory systems

We feel that the greatest leverage for resource conservation lies in the design and recyclability of our products and packaging in addition to closing material loops …


As a corporate group operating worldwide, we are making a contribution to environmental and climate protection. We construct stores and buildings to be as energy-efficient as possible in order to …

Through our actions, we are making a positive contribution to preserving ecosystems.

Key figures
from the Schwarz Group Sustainability Report